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you ArE my onE

you are my only one 你是我的唯一;你是我今生的唯一;可惜你不在 例句 1.

You are my one and only 你是我的唯一 双语对照 例句: You are m

I want it that way Yeah-eh-heah 耶-耶-耶-- You

you are my only one 你是我的唯一 only adv.只有;仅仅;刚刚

You are my only one 中文意思是::“你是我的唯一 ”

最近好多人都问这首。 goodbyewho is fancy

歌词应该是“You were my everything”,歌名是《You Were My Ever

是这首吗? LYN《My Destiny》 来自星星的你OST 专辑:来自星星的你OST Pa

太阳的后裔插曲:《You are my only one》

the most romantic in the world is the most selfish


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