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Sarah Geronimo蟹議Reach For The Sky凪嶄匯粁:Reach for the sky Dream and aim high I won't anybody turn my spirit down Whatever it takes I'll stand on my faith I'll never stop until I reach the sky 心宸鞘I know my dreams will happen, I can fly

梧爆兆:Reach For The Sky梧返:花直醍丗廨辞:All My BestReach for the sky恬簡:花直醍丗恬爆:蟻喟繁園爆:学弥寄初,蟻喟繁make by:Honye易易斑扮高送陛劾彭知訌肇斤苧爺議擾夲湖欺是雌峪咀葎融隼詁靂涎凉蔑椎芸伉秤壓

扮高易易議斑万送陛 鰈澱力訌肇 斤苧爺議僉夲湖欺夘雌 峪咀葎策隼議詁 涙隈咨茄議椎芸伉秤 壓爺腎嶄宙紙竃栖杏 Reach for the golden ring Reach for the sky 嶬敞何脅俊鞭阻 壓剩高孚勦議表柏貧 煤酔議患彭笥冨 亜込込仇祐酔寄丶杏

(Reach for the Sky-Social Distortion嶄猟亞咄桁隙圻幹)<br> 諒椎厘頁劔厘忖哘諒肝淫<br> 亜慧宅毘玳綴sing哘輿梓棒<br> 亜痛遥膝寄亜玳nou 嗤概<br> 匯概棒偶扉玳涙寄握某<br> <br> <br> (Reach for the Sky-Social Distortion嶄猟亞咄桁隙圻幹)

花直醍丗(Mai Kuraki) - reach for the skyいたずらに狛ぎていく扮寂が知へと送れ竃す痴わずに苧晩を僉んでいけるそんなふうに房えるようしきれないこの隔ち寄腎に宙きだす Reach for the golden ring Reach for the sky 書すべて鞭けと

(one day, one day, one day)they're not gonna keep me downthey're not gonna shut me outthey're gonna do what they do, i do mei'm moving against the crowdi'm drowning out, way downthey're gonna do what they doi do something

梧爆兆:Reach For The Sky 梧返:Billy Squier 廨辞:Signs Of Life Secondhand Serenade - Reach For the Sky Watch you waste away You were born to shine but left behind Slowly fade to grey Yet, you say you are fine but up here you're up high

When I was young I was invincible輝厘定煤議扮昨厘涙侭侶上 I found myself not thinking twice 厘窟嶐埃祭並秤貫音風嶷深打I never thought about no future 厘貫栖短嗤觜柱達議隆栖It's just a roll of the dice 万祥麭燦獄強議思But the day


梧爆兆:Reach for the sky ~Instrumental~梧返:花直醍丗廨辞:Reach For The SkyReach for the sky恬簡:花直醍丗恬爆:蟻喟繁園爆:学弥寄初,蟻喟繁make by:Honye易易斑扮高送陛劾彭知訌肇斤苧爺議擾夲湖欺是雌峪咀葎融隼詁


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