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Elvis PrEslEy的《MEmoriEs》 歌词

歌曲名:Memories歌手:Elvis Presley专辑:Viva Elvismemoriesas you know, we are here for changes,you must be called to seeit's the heart that impresses usif you are caught, you are not freeso what's wrong with looking through bar's laneyou

不知道是不是memories of the love i left behindi still think about it all the timenothing stays the samemaybe i'm to blame oh ii'd do it all againand through these eyesi've seen a thousand liesand it's taken years to realisenothing stays the sameno one

歌曲名:Suspicion歌手:Elvis Presley专辑:The 50 Greatest Love SongsElvis Presley - SuspicionEvery time you kiss me I\'m still not certain that you love me,Every time you hold me I\'m still not certain that you careThough you keep on saying you

歌曲名:Medley;歌手:Elvis Presley专辑:Memories (30Th Anniversary Edition Of Nbc-Tv '68 Comeback Special)球迷奇遇记曲:李克勤/江港生/ARMATH 词:李克勤/DEJA J编:VINCENTLIARW起来 起来 起来 今晚大家不想去街起来 起来

歌曲名:Judy 歌手:Elvis Presley 专辑:Elvis Is Back (Legacy Edition) Music & Lyrcis By The Corrs Judy has her own desire She wants to step into your fire She wants you tangled in her web She wants the flame never to tire She's wanting She's

歌曲名:Hurt歌手:Elvis Presley专辑:The Essential Elvis PresleyHurtSeems like it was yesterday when I saw your faceYou told me how proud you were, but I walked awayIf only I knew what I know todayOoh, oohI would hold you in my armsI would

歌曲名:Aloha Oe歌手:Elvis Presley专辑:Original Album Classics朱珠 - Aloha汗腺散发危险讯号每个细胞都在跳跃阳光燃烧眼神在聚焦在这半月形的白色沙滩有谁在意短暂的放纵汗顺着肌肤落下象一副写实的画谁用灵气点缀我空乏的身体咸

歌曲名:Fever歌手:Elvis Presley专辑:Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite (Legacy Edition)Never know how much I love youNever know how much I careWhen you put your arms around meI get a fever that's so hard to bearYou give me fever when you

歌曲名:Suppose歌手:Elvis Presley专辑:SpeedwaySuppose I give you all my luckBut still it won't go right cause you don't hear meI guess you won't be stayin' hereBut look my hands they're shakin' all for youHere, I can't breatheI can't breathe,

歌曲名:Yesterday歌手:Elvis Presley专辑:On Stage (Legacy Edition) 《YESTERDAY》yesterday悄悄过,芬芳的午后,吻过我和你的枕头.轻轻的温温的你秀发的美,享受却又紧张激动.魔豆慢慢的长大,开心的祝福字母.分享每天的快乐



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