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life. But those who have never suffered impairment of sight or hearing seldom make the

1. by the(去掉) sea; by the(去掉) sea2. have后加 a3. leavesleave4. playplaying5. makemakes6. becausethat7. Hold后加on或把for改为on8. not后加to9. us后加to10. WhichAs11. chatchatting12. upoff13. immediateimmediately14. we后的动词用原形(看不清楚)15. herhis或heshe

改错:1.There have a lot of people in the swimming pool. have_are2.Lingling go to school by underground. go_goes3.aftr=er school i like play basketball. play_playing4.how

1 borrowed-had2 have-has3 soon-long4 for-since5 gets-got

单句改错1 to-on2 imagining-imagine3 amusing-amused4 去掉of5 previously-previous6 depends后面加on7 for后面加which8 addict-addicted9 while-when10 why-because语法填空1 humorous2 of3 while4 which5 who6 to amuse7 be enjoyed8

1.is 改为was (过去式)2.where改为that (强调句型)3.advices改为advice(不可数)4.which改为whose 5.help改为helping (devote sth to doing sth)


4 把 which 改为 what5 把 why 改为 because6 把 that 改为 whether7 把 what 改为 where8 把 whether 改为 that9 把 which 改为 what10 把句首的 It 改为 What

1.offered后面的to去掉2.wake前面的to去掉3.record改成recording4.she allowed前面加上was5.seating改成seated或者sitting6.promote改成promoting7.个人认为she后面加上had8.is改成are9.doing改成to do10.这个应该在he后面加上is1.去掉so2.satisfying改成satisfied3.leave改成left4.去掉for5.led改成leads6.larger改成large7.of改成with8.given改成giving9.sure改成certurn10.rid后面加上of先改两篇,热受不了了,喝点果汁先会来该剩下的

1、My suggestion is (that) we will go and help him.2,We must never think we are good in everything (while others) are good in nothing.3,Who do you think might (be) the public


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