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一个很简单的句子,书上说有语法错误,请指出 ThEy pAssED A BAN thAt wE CA...

单复数问题.they passed BANs.因为是很多人都过了,ban是名词“禁令”的意思,所以是复数要加s.


that 引导的句子作主语从句,what we had expected做宾语,

给你地道的英文表达: The last time~ This is the last time I'm sad The last time I cry The last time I cried for you~ We're just like a circle We turned round and round and we're back to the origin Just like everything's gone back to the past But we're not

第一题used to 第二题:答案为D

1.the letter ____ by him hasn't been posted yetA written B was written (why A not B) be busy doing 我们一般都是这么用,其他的不要记了,以防混淆4.Soon we saw the


Short seven days passed, I believe we have some gains. My greatest achievement is to learn a few new dishes, but also to make a color, flavor and taste of the tofu. In fact, he thinks as long as there is harvest day on the line, why should rigidly adhere to certain aspects of it!

1 The employee you had been thinking highly______dishonest.A of proving B of proved C of to prove D of being proved首先我们来分析这个句子的结构,认清主干!每个选项都有介词of,则结合句子,you had been t



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