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先生们女士们,大家好,今天我很高兴站在这里演讲,我演讲的题目是《我的梦想》 Ladies and


你好! Today I'm happy to stand here and share a

Today I am very glad to stand here and make a spee

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is xxx, I am happy t

today i'm thrilled yo have my colleague, Dr.El

today, I am very pleased to be able to stand here

今天我很高兴能站在这里做一个演讲怎么翻译比较地道 Today I am glad to be he

今天我很高兴能够站在这里为大家上课,_有道翻译 翻译结果: Today I'm very

Hello, everyone, I am glad to introduce my hometow


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