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5减3等于几5 minus 3 equals a few

Five minus three equals two. Three subtracted from five gives two.

2 plus 3 equals 52+3=5

Eight minus three is five.Five plus three is eight.Five multiply three is fifteen.Fifteen divided by three is five.一、加法 “加”用plus,and或add表示;“等于”用is,make,equal等词表示. 1 + 1 = ?可表示为:How much is one plus two? 1 + 2 = 3 可表

2+3=5:two plus three equals fiveAdding three to two is five5-3=2:five minus three equals two~subtracting 3 from 5 equals 2希望能即使帮到你哦~

five minus two is three或:five minus two equals three

five seconds 亲:祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,同呼吸!Mr Gao

Three and two is five.

二加三等于五:two plus three is five.

2 plus/and 3 is five.2 plus/and 3 equals to five.


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