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挂电话 hang up 我要挂机了 i'll hang up now.

事先[shì xiān]beforehand; in advance.

I got to leave for some personal things.

i haave something to do and need to leave earlier. see you next time. 有用请采纳

直接说I have to go now,或者 I must go now就可以了,人家才不关心你为什么走呢

我们俩个还有事,先走了We go first for some personal affairs.We will leave first for something else.We two have to go for some business .

我要开会了,先挂了I will have a meeting, hanged first

若是口语用法,简洁、明了,可用:Sorry, I have to go. 若是稍微正式一些的场合,可用:Excuse me, I have some other business to do. May I leave?

i have to be off.英文中这句就有了 我要走----我有事 2个意思了.

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