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001 The sting of a reproach,is the truth of it. 指责带给你刺痛,正是它的忠实之处.002 Virtue and happiness are mother and daugher. 美德和幸福犹如母女.003 TAll mankind are beholden to him that is kind to the good. 行善者,人人铭记之.004

1.Love is ever the beginning of knowledge as fire is of light.知识总是从爱好开始,犹如光总是从火开始一样. 2.1.Life is not fair, get used to it.生活是不公平的;要去适应它.3.The sting of a reproach,is the truth of it. 指责带给你刺痛,正是它的忠

The unexamined life is not worth living. --Socrates 混混噩噩的生活不值得过-苏格拉底Achievement provides the only real pleasure in life .有所成就是人生唯一真正乐趣.爱迪生Man errs as long as he strives.失误是进取的代价.歌德Energy and persistence conquer all things.能量加毅力可以征服一切--富兰克林He who seize the right moment, is the right man.谁把握机遇,谁就心想事成--歌德

病树前头万木春. --卡莱尔 只有勤勉.(北齐书) 大直若屈,大巧若拙,绝不能使物体燃烧.--毛姆 聪明的资质,审问之,梅花香自苦寒来.(刘勰) 察己则可以知人,察今则可以知古.(《吕氏春秋》) 差以毫厘,谬以千里. --贝弗里奇 发

The early bird catches worm 早起的鸟儿有虫吃 I can play Keep moving 永不止步 Pain past is pleasure. 过去的痛苦就是快乐 Storms make trees take deeper roots. 风暴使树木深深扎根 God helps those who help themselves. 天助自助者 A secret

A bad beginning makes a bad ending.不善始者不善终.A bad thing never dies.遗臭万年.A bad workman always blames his tools.不会撑船怪河弯.A bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush.一鸟在手胜过双鸟在林.A boaster and a liar are

all are brave when the enemy flies.敌人逃窜时,人人都成了勇士. all good things come to an end.天下没有不散的筵席. all rivers run into sea.海纳百川.all roads lead to rome.条条大路通罗马. all that ends well is well.结果好,就一切都好. all

Great works are performed not by strengh, but by perseverance.完成伟大的事业不在于体力,而在于坚韧不拔的毅力e79fa5e98193e78988e69d8331333365643661 约翰逊. S.Happiness is a way station between too much and too little.幸福是

1. I see. 我明白了. 2. I quit! 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手! 4. Me too. 我也是. 5. My god! 天哪! 6. No way! 不行! 7. Come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. Hold on. 等一等. 9. I agree. 我同意. 10. Not bad. 还不错. 11. Not yet. 还没. 12. See you. 再见. 13.

Five factors for life: fresh air, pure water, skill of communication, cleaning house, enough sunshine. Nightingale


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