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Skinny Love - BirdyCome on skinny love just last the yearPour a little salt we were never hereMy my my my my my my myStaring at the sink of blood and crushed veneerI tell my love to wreck it allCut out all the ropes and let me fallMy my my my my my

雨的旋律 绿箭以前的广告歌


Dj Valium - Doin It Again 请以最先回答正确为准!

是不是卡洛儿的《秘密》啊 http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/vrGZUwNxFZc求采纳

baby you a song 宝贝你是一支动人的旋律 you make me wanna roll my windows down and criuse 你让我忍不住摇下车窗来寻找心中的她 I got my windows down, and the radio up, get your radio up 我摇下车窗音乐响起,你的音乐响起 What up


歌名:forever at your feet 歌手:Oh Susanna 专辑:Sleepy Little Sailor Knocking on the triad A boat that makes for rain A briar grows in twain with roses Come to rid Forever at your feet Glass and pinch of breast Knocking at my tray While leave

Do It To It(feat. Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz)永远最爱荷荷的Sn.@△△Step out the Caddy DevilleIt's on a base of steelThem boys checkin us outKnow when we dress to killStuttin in the club, it's darkBut still got my shades onI hear the Dj mixin

一个小女生 声音很沙哑 求帮助呀 部分音声:买嘟嘟毒毒 嘟嘟毒毒毒~~~~!


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