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(1) this is my family's photograph of the whole family. (2) this is my cousin. (3), who is her uncle. (4) thank you for your help. (5) of the two is my friend tom and david.

她的狗棕白相间 他的钢笔是绿色的 她的套装很精干 她很肮脏 her carpet is red her tie is orange his cap is brown and black he is very hot he is very cold

1, I forgot to let you go to a community service center. 2 Turn off the power before checking the machine is very important. 3, I do not know where I can find this button. 4 Fortunately, we do not have more work to do. 5, Helen is very pleased to have

Harvest is hard working with sweats. Experience is failure with tears. Friendship is sincerity with careness. Life is an adventure with journey.

Explains the city and countryside dual economic structure, constructs the socialism new countryside, must first realize the agricultural surplus labor force shift; Persisted the city and countryside overall plan development, the industry returns nurturing

1.直到昨天下午李先生才跟他兄弟讨论了我的建议 Mr. Li didn't discuss my suggetions with his brother until yesterday afternoon.2.汤姆过去一向认为,他在学习上花的时间越多,就会取得越好的成绩,但现在他已经认识到,情况并非如此. Tom

This is an unusual pet, it 's a turtle. It is easy to take care of, don't even care. It is very small, occupy less space, thus it is very suitable for raise in the home. It is very quiet, quiet to let people feel it does not exist, because it always stay in its" home". This is an unusual pet.

Respect teacher: how do you do! I'm from BaiZhiFang elementary school 62 class of LiuYuKuo, I have a wide range of hobbies, like to play table tennis, basketball, play the accordion, learn English, drawing and so on. During the period of school I

Something can't say ,whatever I will support you forever ! What's more, Hu wen guang came to Beijing today .

For evil alien occupation of Earth, preparing to launch a massive attack humans, in order to obtain victory in the war, they secretly sent the UFO mystery after another ambush in the global forest, plans more than the number of UFO ambush after the


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