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1 the appliance of tableware, service management of health standard. Daily (weekly) department manager on spot check or not2 the sanitary standard items. For example, guest room, restaurant in the sheet of pillow, gaming and bar chairs in the

Let's play a game, said there are several different color words, such as red, yellow, green, black. You may be very easy to read, unless you don't know these words. But if the red word with the word yellow, yellow with greenCall you read it you will be

In business dealings as in the implementation of the principle of reciprocity, in order to better determine the two sides can accept, can feel satisfied with the reception standards, but also to give full expression of the host country with respect for the

Because I just attended a work soon, the opposite less of working experience, but passed management work and lesson of school student association to go to school originally of common sense, I thought to is a good leader, work of the point is a

Introduction let's play a game, there are several different phrases which mean color, such as red, yellow, green, black. You may be very easily read it, unless you don't know the words. But if the red this word with yellow, yellow this word with green

I want to play the story is a joke to lie, Mr. Smith saw a group of children around a puppy, he asked: "Do you doing?" One child said: "We lie in the game, Who's the biggest lie, Who gave this puppy. "Mr. Smith said:" nonsense, I like this age

1.What do you hope to gain through this graudate course? On one hand, I hope through this co-op learning method which advocates creative design, I would be able to gain more practical experience and increase my research abilities. On the other

1. I hope you can find your lover as soon as possible.2. Thank you for coming to attend my wedding! I wish you have a good time!

Language communication, which is not only the bridge of friendship, communication medium. Many know a foreign language, it is more a survival skills. So, why not learn a foreign language? Learning a foreign language, but also has many

I have learned a lot from you, honesty, kindness, love I will never forget your spirit!



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