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急求一篇100字左右的英语作文 考试用!

In order to work most effectively,it is very important to be well-organized.A well-organized person considers and plans his work in advance.He knows how to allocate time for doing different tasks.He p

My hometownZiGong is lying near XiZhi river,there are beautiful surroundings,and it is appropriate for people to live.At 21 century,the economic growth pretty quickiy,these years,have built a number o

帮你写了一篇107字的,绝对原创,看看如何:Dear XX (Sir/Madam, 或对方的名字,对多人可以直接说All) I am a XX(填你年龄)-year-old student at XX (学校名字), and I enjoy being here, because of all the great teachers and students,

1 How to learn English well Learning English just like learning any other language, is hard work so my first advice is to spend much time practicing using English every day. Besides, we should listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in class. Go

As students , we often have a lot of tests .Some studentsthink the tests are very terrible and very hard . If they don't have good grade , theri parents will not happy ,so before the test ,they will very nervous . But I think the tests is very useful and very


1. Boys and girls, May I have your attention, please ? I have something improtant to tell you. 100 American students will come to visit our school at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. The students of Grade Nine are requested to gather at the school gate at 2:

One day,a boy plays football in the classroom.he brokes the door of the classroom. he knows that he has done a bad thing. In the afternoon,the teacher found the door was broken. she asks:who broke the door? no one answer her.

100字左右,句子精简,字词修饰漂亮,格式端好I recently had the fortune of witnessing a moving deed by a heartful bus driver. On last Sunday, October the 20th, I was on a bus to the library along with my friends. The bus was moving so fast that all

My Robot Last night, I had a beautiful dream.I was very excited that a robot came into my home . I called her Pink because she was wearing a pink dress. She did all my jobs around the house . She cleaned my house ,mopped the floors , made my


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