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高分悬赏~简历翻译为英语。求翻译高手进! 一直以...

Has been, I Dudu is yearning to study in Germany, for this dream, I two to three has been in learning German, and the 600 hours of language test. Although the late due to the preparation of the judicial examination and the examination of certified

1、 To develop a single-store sales plan2、To ensure the store display and image in line with company standards3、Ensure that stores the product safety stock, and promptly check the reasonableness of safety stock, and to urge dealers to

1. Has the solid financial, accounting and economic professional theory knowledge, years of bank accounting and accounting work experience, familiar with real estate development enterprise, sales enterprise and brokerage company accounting

这么长的文章,80分很难引来专业的e79fa5e98193e58685e5aeb931333236373931先给你来个参考..University, Beijing University of Science and Technology Department of Economic Management, Marketing Self-representation ● to

Education background:In September 2001 to June 2005, YuXiAn attending university of electronic science and technology, industry and commerce administration, After graduation, self-study China a certified public accountant (CPA), and has


Educational BackgroundSchool: School 2003.9-2007.6 Shanghai Modern Logistics professional suppliesShanghai TV University 2008.9-Administration* Certificate* Automotive C according toLogistics Manager Certificate ** Computer Operator

★Use HPLC to determine content and relevant materials skillfully, master the liquid phase and use the principle, can use theory knowledge to present various problems while solving practical operation. ★Use HPLC, GC skillfully, Fu set up leaf

1 Responsible for the sales of Futian central airconditioning ventilation system and achieved great sales performance. As a one-year graduated student, i've learned a lot of the knowledge of selling, communication skills with others, and the

Name: Sex: Male picture Specialized: Thing 流管principle school record: Faculty E-mail: Telephone: Family address: The Shanghai new floodgate road 2,465 makes 30 42 602room ________________________________________ Teaches


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