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1,Not at all.音喘仍2,That's all right.音喘仍3,That's OK.音喘仍4,It's nothing. 短焚担5,It's a pleasure. 音喘仍.6,You are welcome. 艶人賑.7,My pleasure. 厘載赤吭.制婢彿創:晩囂:に湖仍はありません.昆囂: 隈囂:Vous n'

not at all.that' ok/ all right.you are welcome.please don't mention it.it is/was a/my pleasure.參貧宸乂壓哂囂笥囂嶄脅辛參燕幣 ̄音人賑^、 ̄音喘仍^.

1. Don't hesitate. 曳人賑. 2. Don't mention it. 音人賑. 3. It isn't much. 音人賑. 4. It's my pleasure. 音人賑. 5. It's no dig deal. 音人賑. 6. It's nothing. 音人賑. 7. It's not important. 音人賑. 8. Not at all. 音人賑. 9. You deserve it. 音人賑. 10. You're welcome. 音人賑.

音人賑: you're welcome;you are welcome;make oneself at home;you're welcome you're welcome

仍仍喘哂囂嗤叱嶽燕器圭塀 thanks thank you thank you very much. thanks a lot. great thanks. many thanks. thank you all the same. 吉

no problemwith pleasurenot at allyou are welcome吉吉載謹

Not at all.You are welcome.That's OK.(That's all right.)Don't metion that.

i don't speak very good english.i don't do well in speaking english.i am not good at speaking(spoken) english.低議傍隈壓囂隈貧匆短嗤危列,徽音頁載乏笥愛

No thanks. It doesn't matter. You're welcome. That's ok. Don't mention it. Forget it. My presure.

You're welcome!No problem!It's my pleasure to help you!胆忽繁脅頁宸担燕器音人賑議.匯違脅頁喘You're welcome.音狛No problem匆頁屎鳩議.It's my pleasure to help you議吭房祥頁嬬逸低厘載互佶.匆祥頁音人賑.


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