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这个游戏在游客中很受欢迎 This game is very popular with the players i hope the nformation will be of use to you good luck witn your report 我希望这个消息对你有帮助,祝愿你报告完满成功.

This game are very popularin foreign tourists .

1.This game is very popular in foreign tourists.2.The athletes from China in the international table tennis match plays a leading role.

The game is very popular with children.如果对您有帮助,请选择"满意答案"谢谢了不求回报,只求点击"满意答案"

你好!!我的天,怎么会这么翻译呢??!!1.you made it past DIAO's defenses.revenge will soon be yours. (你成功的击溃了diao的防御,随之而来的就是你开始进攻拉).2.DIAO:congratulations,HAI FENG,but you have interfered with the

1.How much time from Beijing to Singapore ? 2. My parents have gone to hainan, they have left home for three and a half days. 3. You must return the book to the library as soon as possible, because you have borrowed too long. 4. Hong Kong is a

There are many students like play computer games, and often spend the whole day. The eyesight is going down, and they would not like to join commonweal activities, even diliking to make new friends . These students should arrange their time

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I don't think the job is rewarding, so I give up~~~~~U r so greed,man~~~~I'm sorry there is nothin' i can help,though the whole passage is quiet easy



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